LC-tray und LC-base plate


Pre-fabricated light curing tray material for the manufacture of individual impression and function trays as well as bite taking patterns and setup patterns. Stable against torsion, smell and taste neutral, non-sticking.

LC-base plate

Light-curing resin preformed in maxillary plates, with excellent shrinkage behaviour, high dimensional stability and low water absorption. The plate thickness is a uniform 1.4 mm, which reduces the work required and saves on material for the prosthesis being produced. The material can be cured using blue light or UVA light.



  • Available in pink, blue, natural.
  • Indication:
    Production of individual spoons, bite and placement templates
  • Plate thickness: 2.4 mm
lc tray

LC-tray packing unit upper jaw

  • REF LC 011 pink
  • REF LC 021 natural
  • REF LC 031 blue

LC-tray packing unit lower jaw

  • REF LC 022 natural
  • REF LC 032 blue

LC-base plate

  • Colour: pink
  • Indication: Production of individual bite templates and base plates for wax installation and for intraoral support pin registration.
  • Plate thickness: 1.4 mm
lc base plate

LC-base plate packing unit

  • REF 0000LC018 Box with 50 templates

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