Dentalrapid® SD wipes surface disinfection

Alcoholic alcoholic wet wipes ready-to-use

Anwendungsgebiete: Gem. MPG

As per the Medical Devices Law (MPL): ready-to-use alcoholic wet wipes for the prophylactic surface disinfection of alcohol-resistant medical products

Anwendungsgebiete: Gem. Biozid-Verordnung

Ready-to-use disinfectant wipes for the disinfection of alcohol-resistant small surfaces of all kinds. VAH-listed.

For more information on application and preparation see the product information in the download area.

Spectrum of effectiveness + application times

Application times (related to the impregnating liquid): Bacteria as per EN 13727 and EN 13697 (high contamination): conc. 1 min.; Candida albicans as per EN 13624 and EN 13697 (high contamination): conc. 1 min.; TbB (tuberculosis) inactivation (M. terrae) as per EN 14348 (high contamination): conc. 1 min.; Enveloped viruses (e.g. HBV, HCV and HIV) as per DVV/2012 in a surface test, (high contamination): conc. 1 min.; Adeno-/ noro-/ rotaviruses as per EN 14476 (high contamination): conc. 1 min.

Einwirkzeiten (bezogen auf die getränkten Tücher)

Bacteria and candida albicans (as per VAH, version: 02.04.15 and EN 16615, high contamination): conc. 2 min.


(100 g of solution contain): 43.0 g ethanol, 8.0 g 1-propanol, 0.055 g didecyldimethylammonium chloride.

New advantages

  • Fast application times
  • Extended spectrum of effectiveness
  • Limited Virucidal PLUS
  • Impregnated cloth systems VAH-listed
  • Available with 4-Field-Test (EN 16615)
  • Easy documentation

Cloth Quality and Sizes

The ready-to-use alcoholic wet wipes Dentalrapid® SD wipes are available in different cloth qualities and sizes:


Dentalrapid® SD wipes S

Dentalrapid SD Wipes S

Dentalrapid® SD wipes S packing unit

  • REF 71510100 refill bag, 100 tissues (lemon)
  • REF 71510101 Box, 100 tissues (lemon)
  • REF 71500100 refill bag, 100 tissues (neutral)
  • REF 71500101 Box, 100 tissues (neutral)

Dentalrapid® SD wipes M

Dentalrapid SD Wipes

Dentalrapid® SD wipes M packing unit

  • REF 71510240 2 rolls with 240 tissues (lemon)

Dentalrapid® SD wipes L

Dentalrapid SD Wipes

Dentalrapid® SD wipes L packing unit

  • REF 71510080 flowpack, 80 tissues (lemon)

Dentalrapid® SD wipes XL

Dentalrapid SD Wipes

Dentalrapid® SD wipes XL packing unit

  • REF 71510090 2 rolls with 90 tissues (lemon)

Dispenser cube

Dispenser cube

Dispenser cube

  • REF 701005012 Dispenser for type M and XL, DryWipes soft and DryWipes classic

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