granit PERFECT D45 extra hard bite registration material

granit PERFECT D45 as a bite registration material

Bite registration material of absolute top class. Extra hard with a final hardness
of Shore D45 for simplest processing through milling and breaking.

An extra fast setting time in mouth offers higher convenience for the patient and
avoid warped bite registrations. High thixotropy, high dimension stability.


granit PERFECT D45

  • Working time: 30 Sek.
  • Time in mouth: 30 sec.
  • Final hardness: Shore D 45
  • Special feature: extra high hardness; excellent milling and cutting features
  • Colour: green
  • Aroma: Mint
  • Indications:
    Long-lasting bite registration material
    Fixing of support registration and bite conditions with the help of a facebow.
granit PERFECT D45

granit PERFECT D45 packing unit

  • REF 82505 2x 50 ml cartridges + 12 Mixing tips, green
  • REF 86505 6x 50 ml cartridges + 36 Mixing tips, green

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