Dentasept® ID pur

Instruments disinfectant concentrate

Aldehyde-/ peracetic and chlorine oxide free instrument disinfectant for professional use in practices, hospitals and nursing homes, with excellent cleaning effect, broad spectrum of effectiveness and short contact times. The good material compatibility and high corrosion protection should be specially mentioned. VAH-listed.

The new instrument-disinfection line impresses with its excellent material compatibility and good corrosion protection. The instruments/ dental utensils are protected and the longevity improved considerably. For example, Dentodrill® ID liquid with its neutral pH-value effects a longer service lifetime for rotating instruments. The blades stay sharp longer. Nevertheless, the products have a broad spectrum of effectiveness and short application times.

Type of application

Preperation for manual disinfection and simultaneous cleaning of dental and surgical instruments, rotary instruments, laboratory equipment, as well as thermolabile and thermostable instruments in immersion bath procedures. Not suitable for the terminal disinfection of semi-critical and critical medical devices.

Spectrum of effectiveness + application times

  • Bacteria as per EN 13727, EN 14561 and VAH with high contamination: 1.5 % – 15 min. / 1.0 % – 60 min.
  • Candida albicans as per EN 13624, EN 14562 and VAH with high contamination: 1.5 % – 15 min. / 1.0 % – 60 min.
  • Enveloped viruses (e.g. HBV, HCV and HIV) as per DVV/RK with high contamination: 1.5 % – 15 min. / 1.0 % – 60 min.
  • TbB (M. terrae) as per EN 14348 and EN 14563, low contamination: 4.0 % – 15 min. / 2.0 % – 60 min.


(100 g of solution contain): 4.4 g Didecyldimethylammoniumchloride, 2.75 g N-(3-Aminopropyl)-N-dodecyl-propan-1.3-diamin.

Dentasept® ID pur Advantages

  • High material compatibility
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Protection of the instruments
  • Broad spectrum of effectiveness
  • Short application times
  • Suitable for ultrasonic bath
  • Aldehyde- / peracetic- and chlorineoxide-free


Dentasept® ID pur

Dentasept ID pur

Dentasept® ID pur packing unit

  • REF 72001000 1 litre metered-dose squeeze bottle
  • REF 72005000 5 litre canister

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