Disinfection 360°

The all-round carefree package

Müller-Omicron has developed a completely new product range allowing it to offer a disinfection program perfectly coordinated to the dental sector and its special requirements. In addition to shorter acting times and extended spectra of effectiveness, the focus was on absolute user-friendliness, minimization/eradication of allergy potential and hazard risks, and optimal material compatibility.

Efficient and powerful disinfection

The result is DISINFECTION. A range specially coordinated to the requirements and needs of the dental practice. It enables efficient and high-performance disinfection with all indications covered. The products are tested in accordance with the latest standards and EN regulations, assessed and will be VAH-listed according to their field of application. The practical accessories, such as dosing bottles, canister cocks, dosing pumps and canister wrenches, offer safe and easy handling of the disinfectants. In addition, the Lift & Stick label system greatly simplifies the handling of mandatory marking and documentation of medical devices in use – making it simply easy.

Wide range of cloth-wipe systems

As the area of wipe-down disinfection is developing ever more rapidly, the new range – DISINFECTION – now includes a larger selection of different clothwipe systems: There are wipes of different sizes and qualities, ready-to-use wipes soaked in alcoholic and alcohol-free solutions, and dry wipes for individual soaking. All ready soaked cloth-wiping systems fulfill the requirements of the 4-Field Test (EN 16615) and are VAH-listed as an separate product. The disinfectant solution, Dentalrapid® SD liquid, now not only offers faster exposure times, but also an extended spectrum of effectiveness with the distinction of Limited Virucidal PLUS. The modified non-alcoholic variant Dentalrapid® soft SD liquid could also be decisively improved in the exposure times and the spectrum of activity.

Supplement to our range

Other groups of indications have been practically expanded with further products, such as Dentosuc weekly AC pur for weekly cleaning of the suction system as an ideal combination with Dentosuc daily, which is used for daily disinfection. The current Corona pandemic once again clearly demonstrates how quickly a virus can spread and how important it is to prevent this in the best possible way. A good hand disinfection and cleaning is absolutely essential for this. Dentoderm HD liquid or sensitive gel fulfills all requirements. In addition, it is free of colourants, fragrances and is gentle on the skin, thanks to integrated refatting agents. As at least as important is the direct disinfection of impressions in the dental practice. Dentoprint MD provides the dentist a fast-acting preparation as a ready-to-use solution or as a concentrate. All products provide short contact times and consequently fastest and comprehensive protection and safety for dentists, patients and staff.

Safe and efficient disinfection

With its new modified range DISINFECTION, Müller-Omicron offers everything that modern dental practices require for reliable, efficient
and cost-effective disinfection.

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