SILECT® – Premium condensation-curing silicone

Silect® – Precision C-silicone

Our best C-silicone – SILECT® – was developed using our many years of experience and chemical expertise and employing state-of-the-art production technologies. This premium impression material offers excellent technical properties such as very low shrinkage and a very high degree of elastic recovery.

User-friendliness was also a key consideration, so the consistency of the materials and their high-contrast colours are ideally coordinated. The materials are easy to dose precisely and mix with the new SILECT® catalyst gel. The working times are user-friendly, while the short time in mouth will be welcomed by patients.

Processing instructions for Silect®

Information for SILECT®

  • Following specifications apply to all materials:
    1 min. 30 sec.
  • Time in mouth: 3 min. 30 sec.
  • Colours: Silect® putty: mint-green, Silect® light: lue-violet,
    Silect® catalyst: red



SILECT putty

Silect® putty packing unit

  • REF 000480160
    910 ml Dose

SILECT® light

SILECT light

Silect® light packing unit

  • REF 000480010
    140 ml Tube

Silect® catalyst

SILECT catalyst

Silect® catalyst packing unit

  • REF 000480099
    SILECT® catalyst, 60 ml tube



Silect®-Set packing unit

  • REF 000480001
    910 ml putty + 140 ml light + 60 ml catalyst

Silect® accessories

Silect® accessories packing unit

  • REF 000470210
    1 Mixing block with 10 sheets

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