Dentalrapid® Ultra SD liquid surface disinfection

Full virucidal surface disinfectant ready-to-use

Type of application: As per the Medical Devices Law (MPL):

For rapid disinfection of alcohol-resistant, non-invasive medical devices. VAH-listed.


(100 g of solution contain): 60 g of ethanol. Contains anionic surfactants > 5 %.

Spectrum of effectiveness + application times

  • Surface disinfection (wiping disinfection) according to VAH (bactericidal)
  • yeasticidal, high contamination): conc. 1 min.
  • tuberculocidal (M. terrae) (EN 14348): conc. 30 sec.
  • virucidal (EN 14476) including HBV/HIV/HCV: conc. 1 min.
  • poliovirus: conc. 1 min.
  • adenovirus: conc. 30 sec.
  • norovirus (MNV): conc. 1 min.
  • rotavirus: conc. 30 sec.


Dentalrapid® Ultra SD liquid

Dentalrapid Ultra SD liquid 5 Liter canister

Dentalrapid® Ultra SD liquid packing unit

  • REF 71305000 5 Liter canister

Dentalrapid® Ultra SD liquid

Dentalrapid® Ultra SD liquid 500 ml

Dentalrapid® Ultra SD liquid packing unit

  • REF 71300500 500 ml bottle

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