Dentalrapid® CD


Aerosol free and alcohol free foam for quick disinfection and cleaning of surfaces, inventory, medical products, plus specifically for alcohol-sensitive materials such as acrylic glass, vinyl and leather.


Has no impact on the ambient air through the effect of chemical or  alcoholic vapors. Effective against HBV/HIV/HCV/BVDV/vaccinia, bactericidal, yeasticidal.

Acting times:

  • Bactericidal*, yeasticidal*: 1 min.
  • HBV/HIV/HCV/BVDV/vaccinia: 1 min.

*Acting times acc. VAH/DGHM guidelines


  • Alcohol, aldehyde and phenol free
  • VAH/DGHM listed


Available in practical foam bottle with 3 times yield in comparison with traditional spray disinfectants. Also available as ready-to-use soaking liquid for DryWipes in the handy DryWipes Box.


REF 701000319    200 ml foam bottle, empty
REF 701000310    200 ml foam bottle
REF 701000531    5 liter canister