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New Products – New Opportunities


Scannable, addition-curing precision impression material (polyvinyl siloxane/VPS) for conventional impressions and digitisation.


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LC-model gel

C-model gel is a completely combustible, light-curing modelling resin based on methacrylate, gel-like in consistency and suitable for a wide variety of dental indications.


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Dentalrapid® SD liquid

Aldehyde-free and phenol-free rapid disinfectant for professional use in practices, hospitals and nursing homes, with broad spectrum of activity and short contact times. 


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Dentalrapid® Ultra SD liquid

Fully virucidal surface disinfectant based on ethanol, ready to use. Fast – Safe – Broad spectrum of activity


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WetWipes classic/soft

Ready-to-use disinfectant tissues
extra BIG – extra STRONG


For cleaning and disinfection of any water- and alcohol-resistant surfaces of non-invasive medical devices, such as medical/dental furniture.


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Dentasept® Ultra ID pur

Full virucidal Instrument disinfectant Concentrate


Formaldehyde-free – non-abrasive – good cleaning performance.


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Dentoderm® HD liquid

Alcohol-based hand disinfectant ready-to-use


Area of application: For hygienic and surgical hand desinfection. VAH-listed.


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