Welcome to Müller-Omicron


Thank you for your visit at our booth during the IDS in Cologne. It was an exciting and interesting week with a lot of contacts, discussions and new perceptions.
In 2 years, we will be there again, with more new products which are already in the pipe-line now!

New Products

DryWipes Velours

The new premium tisues offers  very fast absorbency of the disinfectant solution and release while using it onto the surfaces.


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betasil® VARIO HEAVY

betasil VARIO HEAVY is an a-silicone, specially developed for the one-step technique (double mixing technique) and complete the range of betasil vario -  the high quality impression material with a very good price-value.


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SILECT – The New Gold Standard -
for Finest Impressions!

A Polysiloxane based silicone impression material with top property values


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gammasil® PERFECT TEC touch -
Extra Soft / Extra hard / Extra Safe

The new kind of Material consistency is easy to mix and safe to adapt onto wax ups, models etc. - without any pressure!


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LC base plate –
The best diet for a low resin prosthesis

Ligth curing base plate with a unifom plate thickness of 1.4 mm for a low resin prosthesis base.
LC base plate safes time and money!


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