Dentasept Ultra ID pur

Full virucidal instruments disinfectant concentrate

Type of application

Disinfection of endoscopes and surgical instruments of all kinds.VAH-listet.

Spectrum of effectiveness

Bactericidal including MRSA, yeasticidal acc. DGHM-Standard method (high contamination); tuberculocidal EN 14348, virucidal against enveloped viruses (HIV, HCV, HBV) and none enveloped viruses (Polio-, adeno-, polyoma virus SV 40) acc. RKI/ DVV.

Concentration and application times

1 % – 60 min. / 1.5 % – 30 min. / 2 % – 15 min.; Fully virucidal acc. to RKI/DVV: 2 % – 30 min.


(100 g of solution contain): 12.0 g glutaraldehyde; contains anionic surfactants 5 % – 15 %


Dentasept Ultra ID pur

Dentasept Ultra ID pur

Dentasept Ultra ID pur packing unit

  • REF 72301000 1 litre metered-dose squeeze bottle
  • REF 72305000 5 litre canister

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