Disinfection of dental suction systems

Dentosuc-Spezial 2%


Dentosuc is a concentrate for clean­ing and disinfecting all kinds of dental suction systems, even those with an amalgam separator. With the new improved com­bination of active ingredients, Dentosuc has optimised material compatibility and is non-foaming. It cleans and deodorises even better than before and contains guaranteed no aldehyde, phenol, or active chlorine.

Spectrum of effectiveness:

  • Bactericidal (including TbB)
  • yeasticidal
  • virus-inactivating (HBV/HIV/HCV/BVDV)

Acting times:

  • according VAH/DGHM 2 % - 15 min.
  • HBV/HIV 2 % - 15 min.
  • HCV/BVDV 2 % - 10 min.

REF 701000502    2 litre bottle
REF 701000555    5 litre canister

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