WetWipes classic/soft

Ready-to-use disinfectant tissues
extra BIG – extra STRONG


Fields of application: For cleaning and disinfection of any water- and alcohol-resistant surfaces of non-invasive medical devices, such as medical/dental furniture. VAH-listing in preparation.


WetWipes classic type: 40 g/ m² / size: 160 x 280 mm
WetWipes soft type: 50 g/ m² / size: 280 x 300 mm
Both types are pre-impregnated with Dentalrapid® SD liquid and will be used in the practical Dispenser cube for a perfect hygienic storage.


Spectrum of activity + contact times: Bactericidal (EN 1276 and EN 13727): conc. 30 sec.; virucidal against enveloped viruses acc. to RKI/DVV (HIV, HBV, HCV, BVDV, vaccinia viruses, influenza viruses): conc. 30 sec.; tuberculocidal (EN 14348): conc. 5 min.
Bactericidal including MRSA, yeasticidal acc. to DGHM Standard Method* (low bioburden, with and without wiping): conc. 1 min. (* listed in 5-min. column of the VAH list)
Virucidal against non-enveloped viruses acc. to RKI/DVV: Noroviruses (acc. EN 14476) conc. 5 min.


Ingredients: (100 g of solution contain): 25.9 g ethanol, 11.8 g isopropanol, 0.2 g polyaminopropyl biguanide.


Safety of tissue/liquid-combination verified by 4-Field-Test (prEN 16615). Shelf life: 28 days after opening with complete spectrum of activity and unchanged contact time.



WetWipes classic SD wipes

REF package unit
71900250 1 roll with 250 tissues


WetWipes soft SD wipes

REF package unit
71900090 1 roll with 90 tissues