Technical silicones

gingiva MASK


 Laboratory manufactured, aesthetic, flexible gingiva mask for considering the periodontal situation. An optimal aid for the creation of high-quality aesthetic restorations.



  • Colour: pink
  • Working time: 1 min. 30 sec.
  • Total setting time: 7 min.

Available in its practical cartridge system.

REF 32500    2x 50 ml catridges plus 12 mixing tips
REF 82005    1x Mixing Gun = Type SCS (1:1/2:1)
REF 811502    Mixing tips Typ SCS, bag with 50 pieces, pink
REF 30100    gingiva MASK Separator, 1x 50 ml bottle with atomiser unit
REF 80096    Intra-Oral-Tips, bag with 96 pieces, transparent