DryWipes Box compact / DryWipes Soft compact


DryWipes Box compact


Flat dispenser system for hygienic storage of DryWipes Soft compact tissues, suitable for drawers. A practical lid clip makes it safe and easy to remove the tissues and re-close the box tight. The DryWipes Box compact fi ts in any drawer 9 cm deep or more and therefore leaves more space available on the bench top.


Dimensions: 25 cm (wide) x 34.5 cm (long) x 8.5 cm (high)
Colour: white


REF 701005011 1x DryWipes Box compact, empty


DryWipes Soft compact


Finest micro-fleece made from a lint-free, high strength, soft viscose/polyester mixture
(50 g/m2) with high tear strength and high absorbtion.


Size: 28.5 x 30 cm
Colour: white, perforated
Contents: one layer with 50 sheets


REF 701005350 3 packs of 50 sheets (= 1 packing unit)