Hand disinfection and hand care

Dentoderm® GEL Sensitive


Alcoholic disinfection hand gel with moistur-iser for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.


Due to the particularly skin compatible formulation it is highly recommended for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.


Dentoderm GEL Sensitive offers a comprehensive activity spectrum with simultaneous skin care thanks to the allantoin as well as a discreet fresh scent from the hypoallergenic fragrances; phenol free, free from artificial colouring, without cumulative long-term active ingredients.

Spectrum of effectiveness:

  • bactericidal, incl. MRSA
  • tuberculocidal
  • yeasticidal
  • limited virucidal effect acc. to RKI. Recommended use includes influenza/flu viruses and effective against Noro viruses (MNV) in accordance with EN 14476


VAH/DGHM listed.

REF 701000370    500 ml Euro-dispenser bottle
REF 701000371    1 litre Euro-dispenser bottle
REF 701000375    5 litre canister