Dentalrapid® AF Sensitive


Dentalrapid® AF Sensitive, the new, alcoholic fast spray disinfection is particularly recommended for allergy sufferers.


The new formulation contains no aldehydes, phenol, or fragrances and offers good skin compatibility.


Application area:

  • alcohol resistant
  • medical products
  • medical inventory
  • as well as surfaces of all kinds, except for acrylic glass

Spectrum of effectiveness:

  • bactericide, incl. MRSA
  • tuberculocide
  • yeasticidal
  • coated viruses incl. HBV/HIV/HCV/Vaccinia/BVDV (limited virucidal effect acc. to RKI).

Acting time*:

  • conc. 1 min. (acc. to VAH/DGHM/EN 13697)

*Acting times acc. VAH/DGHM guidelines

VAH/DGHM listed.


REF 701000395    500 ml spray bottle
REF 701000399    500 ml spray bottle, empty, incl. spray nozzle
REF 701000539     5 litre canister