alphasil® PERFECT TEC A85/A95

Condensation curing kneadable sili­cone with very high final hardness, Shore A 85, exact reproduction of details with high dimension stabi­lity, non-sticking, easy to use, heat resistant and fast setting. Suitable e. g., for protrusive walls, blockings or fixations.


  • Colour: blue, non-fading


alphasil® PERFECT TEC A85

REF 470025T    900 ml box (approx. 1.6 kg)
REF 471025T    10 kg bucket


alphasil® PERFECT TEC A95

REF 470064    900 ml box (approx. 1.6 kg)
REF 471064    10 kg bucket



REF 470252D alphasil® PERFECT ACTIVATOR LIQUID - 50 ml bottle, DBTL-Free
REF 470256D alphasil® PERFECT ACTIVATOR PASTE - 60 ml tube, DBTL-Free